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Parts for semiconductor equipment

The 'Spare Parts Department'; a division of Kiedon International GmbH 

The Spare Parts Department

The programme includes a comprehensive portfolio of repair, refurbishment and replacement parts services for a wide range semiconductor equipment types. For a detailed presentation please visit the Spare Parts Department website: 

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Mobile digital optical microscopy

The Lumos portable digital microscope 

The Spare Parts Department

A range of portable digital microscope cameras. These cameras include 'true' microscope objectives with integrated LED lighting. They have been designed for a range of engineering and scientific applications:


Forensic; finger print camera

The MGP4+, an integrated digital finger print camera

The Spare Parts Department

The MGP4+ is a 'fourth generation', integrated finger print camera designed for rapid, crime scene evidence collection. The unit is completely self-contained with on-board, selectable wavelength LED lighting and produces equivalent photosizes images conforming to the NEC/AFIS standard:


Forensic; close-up ring light

Ultra Close-up ring light

The Spare Parts Department

The UCRL, is a forensic photographic light source (note, continuous not flash). The unit contains blue and white light LED's, for a range of selectable lighting modes. The UCRL works in conjunction with common forensic digital cameras, such as the Canon power shot G11: more  

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